College essay tips topics for a persuasive speech

  • 02.04.2019
College essay tips topics for a persuasive speech

And use it. Do your research — Persuading someone is a tough challenge. Build up your body of evidence using the best most credible sources. Use your final argument in the essay finale. Present the opposing point of view — And make sure to smash it with your evidence! Use the last main body paragraph to present an opposing point of view and refute its key point to establish your authority in an argument.

Use quotes — Presenting quotes of academic thought leaders and professors supporting your take on a subject is a persuasion technique that pays off a lot. So give your readers the facts that clearly state your thesis statement is true. Create the snowball effect — Think through the structure of your essay carefully. Analyze which of the arguments could have the highest persuasive value and present them toward the end.

See if you can persuade friends or family before you actually try to persuade a professor. Collect the opinion of other people and make changes in the draft. Grammar flaws, syntax errors, typos and foul language use must be eliminated. Proofread the text 10 times and then one more, and then more, until everything feels at place.

Why medical research would be rendered ineffective without animal testing How effective are seat belts to prevent lethal casualties in traffic accidents? How diabetes may affect your performance at work The unpleasant consequences of skipping breakfasts Is healthy fast food possible?

Is sex ed at schools effective? Why we should consume as little salt as possible Do we eat too much meat? Why is the importance of good sleep underestimated? How junk food can be improved not to be junk What happens if one works for several years without a good vacation Why is it important to pick the right toothpaste We consume too much sugar Do we need more strict regulations regarding the advertisement of drugs?

Can we lower the percentage of suicides by legalizing euthanasia? The underused potential of electroconvulsive treatment The effective methods to withstand stress factors The negative long-term and short-term effects of steroids for farm animals Pros and cons of donating organs The dangers of homeopathic treatment The dangers of anti-vaccination ideology How sleepwalking can be fatal The hidden threat of vaporizers The myth of electronic cigarettes being less harmful than tobacco Why we should be skeptical about diet pills What is Red Cross day for?

How donating blood benefits the society and you The underestimated importance of drinking enough water How to maintain a healthy diet without overdoing it How few people can do a CPR How you endanger others by smoking Are there any 'easy' tips for staying fit?

Why and how should society confront mass obesity Why are healthy food products too expensive? The misused potential of gluten How little do we know about side effects of popular drugs? Do doctors get enough wages? How high heels are bad for one's health How we endanger ourselves by using tanning beds Why prescription drugs need to be more accessible The real and mythical dangers of smoking Easy steps to keep your teeth healthy Medical studies are dramatically underfunded How to develop healthy everyday life habits How laughing improves your health Bike helmets save lives and should not be neglected How having good friends can literally save your life The deeds of the AA should be more advertised and appreciated Medical care needs to be more accessible How contraceptive treatment saves lives Infectious diseases can be prevented more effectively The health benefits of dark chocolate Why positive thinking is good for you How stomach stapling is being overused Is it safer to chew tobacco than to smoke it?

Driving without seatbelts should be punished more severely Do we know enough about food additives? Until what age should mothers breastfeed their children? Is binge drinking as great of a menace as it used to be? Should teenage pregnancy be prevented?

What new factors cause teenage suicide? Do we know enough about fire safety precautions? Why people should donate their organs? How to prolong your life without medical interference?

Do we know enough about the important figures from the African-American history? What makes Abraham Lincoln a role model for all Presidents? Why no nation should revise their history? Why so many people believe that Neil Armstrong did not land on the Moon? How independent can a country be? Why should every nation seek to be independent in terms of energy sources Is nuclear disarmament moving too slowly?

Whose responsibility is it to enforce human rights in regions where they are violated? Should we outlaw using a cellphone while driving? Should any unauthorized use of music and films be outlawed? Should an illegal immigrant be able to pass the driving test and get a license? Should we outlaw driving motorbikes without helmets? Should elderly people be allowed to drive? What should be the legal age for driving?

Is it dangerous to keep the possession of deadly weapons legal? Does forbidding the use of explicit vocabulary on TV in the daytime help its cause? Is owing exotic pets regulated well enough legally? Should one be able to sue a fast food joint if they become obese? Would it help to introduce additional taxation for unhealthy food products? It to rightful to outlaw public smoking? Should English remain the only universally official language of the USA?

Why do some groups of people argue that abortion should be illegal and punishable? Should gambling remain legal? Do same-sex couples deserve to be granted the same rights as traditional ones? Should being in a moving car without a fastened seatbelt be punishable more severely? Is the current voting age justified or should it be lowered? Television is harmful to children. Why comic books are good to read. Some TV shows are educational.

Make TV more educational. We need more funding for public television and radio. Violence on television should be regulated. Cable TV monopolies destroy competition. Katniss Everdeen would alienate Harry Potter. Motivational School leaders must shape high-achieving learning curricula for students. Set a clear goal and devote all your positive energy toward reaching it. What to do for people who have no motivation to live a happy life. The art of moral imagination is the key to intellectual and spiritual development.

Why it is hard to follow your dream. What keep most of us from following the voice of your heart when it comes to love or even discovery travelling? Overcome your stage fright and fear of public speaking. Begin with forming a moral tool set when children are young and build further when they are at least 18 years old. Aim straightforward in whatever project you undertake, and emphasize and evaluate what you want to achieve often in between the completed parts of the total planning.

Prudence is an effort you can turn non-believers into believers in your plans. Music Why the French horn should be played more. Should schools allow uncensored songs at school dances? How listening to music could improve your day.

Why music is beneficial to society. MP3 music should be free. National Security Are intensive security screenings essential for those who travel in airplanes? Negotiating with terrorists is sometimes justifiable. Should police carry firearms? Homosexuals belong in the military. Women benefit the military in many ways.

Should police carry toy guns? Politics Should it be legal for politicians to accept campaign contributions from corporate lobbyists? Why you should vote. Ban abusive language in elections.

Why you should know Bernie Sanders. Term limits need to be respected. Give Kurdistan back to the Kurds. Zimbabwe is the next drama in world politics. Central Asian states could become a threat. Globalization pays off. See this page for a full list of Speech Topics about Politics. Practical Knowledge Basic survival skills are important to know. Basic camping skills everyone should know. Personal hygiene is important for professional success. Psychology Intelligence depends more on the environment than genetics.

Human development depends primarily on environmental factors. Why we should not see psychologists. Why do we need to love and to be loved? Can money give you happiness?

Why introverts make the best public speakers. Verbal abuse can be much more destructive than physical. See this page for a full list of Psychology Speech Topics. That is why choosing only interesting persuasive essay topics is critical. Do not forget to develop an efficient outline to succeed! Persuasive Essay Topics for Elementary Students Monkeys would make excellent pets Having siblings or being alone in the family?

Will waking up and seeing the dinosaur next to you push you to give the creature away to the zoo? Is there anything older generation can learn from the modern youth? Should the government regulate the use of antibiotics to prevent the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria? What makes cancer the number one killer in the world?

Controversial persuasive essay topics The hospital should not have the absolute control over determining when to induce euthanasia Capital punishment should be scraped off the penal code It is morally wrong to deport illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin Politicians are voluntarily stalling the climate change debate Racial discrimination is pretty much still present in the world today America is no longer the world's superpower rather than Reasons why most Muslims are linked to terrorism Overreliance on social media is harmful to the society The right to bear arms in the United States is responsible for mass school shootings the nation Reasons why single parenthood is dangerous to the child The America first policy fronted by President Donald Trump is not good for the development of the American society.

Nuclear war is inevitable in the 21st century Religion plays a vital role in making the society a better place Governments should regulate Internet The media should avoid broadcasting violent scenes School children should wear uniform when attending school Citizens often abuse free expression Self-driving vehicles should be kept off the roads Internet providers are deliberately trying to control how people think and view the world Why marketers should not target children in their advertising It is wrong for search engines to collect user information and sell it to third parties Internet, electronic devices, and privacy Why some companies get away with paying employees below the minimum wage Slave trade is still practiced in some parts of the world Has the younger generation neglected the elderly in the society?

Persuasive essay topics for middle school Examinations should not be the yardstick for measuring students ability School uniforms have no importance to students Students should not be allowed to own phones in schools Middle school students should have restricted or supervised access to social media Should gender be an issue in the class sitting arrangement? Medical persuasive essay topics Reasons why abortion should be legalized and reasons why it should not be sanctioned Doctors should be held accountable for wrong diagnosis of illnesses Every hospital should have social workers to ensure that medical professionals always observe the rights of patients Are medically assisted suicides morally right Governments are not doing enough to provide medical services to the citizens Home-based care is better than hospital-based care Why are medical errors rampant in the American health sector?

Are patients safe in our hospitals? Do people complain too much lately?

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Is it a good idea to complement the curriculum with obligatory life skill classes? Should there be parental guidance for music video clips and music television? Schools should teach students about healthy eating. Should state schools be run only for taxpayers money? Is it possible to prolong weekends by one day without compromising working efficiency? Until what age should mothers breastfeed their children? Why girls look up to Kim Kardashian, but not to truly impressive women who changed the course of history College Persuasive Essay Topics Are digital photos too plentiful to be meaningful?

Difference between Good Persuasive Speech Topics and Argumentative Topics

It minimizes the efforts they spend on the homework tasks as choosing the relevant, interesting persuasive essay topics all alone may be a time-consuming task based on the in-depth research. Many students think it is a waste of time. In fact, they should perceive the ability to select the topic as a wonderful opportunity rather than another academic nightmare.
Should Scotland be a country of its own? Ghosts are not real. How should the government control and manage the turnover of alcohol and other narcotic substances? Why do we need to love and to be loved? But in case you are not keen on writing academic papers, you may easily buy a persuasive essay at EssaysWorld. From which grade should study hall be introduced?

Selecting Your Topic

Children get trophies for individual and fail to learn how to work hard to achieve a goal Writer education should be free for essay Daycare centers and school should refuse to enroll a child who was not vaccinated Do laws promote racial discrimination Do modern gender roles harm women If other countries need to ban nuclear majority, then the United States should too If you do the crime, you should do the time Is monogamy natural? And political correctness destroying movies and TV shows? Is China a rule superpower? Is the first rights of a person always right? Should teachers and students be friends on Facebook?
Vegan diet is unhealthy. Should we outlaw driving motorbikes without helmets? Letter grades should be replaced with a pass or fail. Is it a good idea to add a handwriting class to the curriculum?

15 general topics for a persuasive essay

The United States should build a border wall with Mexico and with Canada. The topics are not conclusive and students are encouraged to use the list as reference points for generating more persuasive essay topics. We deal with a vast variety of essays in social, exact sciences, and humanities. People who say they do not need or want to use the world wide web are insane. Why baseball players should take drug tests before playing. Set a clear goal and devote all your positive energy toward reaching it.
College essay tips topics for a persuasive speech
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Conclusion: This is the final paragraph of your essay. How can schools attract extra funding? Why should a business understand its target group s? In fact, it is not that easy to define which topics for persuasive speech will be interesting, not only to your audience but also for you because the idea should also be significant and relevant.


Are words of love gender-biased? Should women drive in Saudi Arabia?


Tourism ruins historical sites and there should be placed warning signs to awake them.


Healthy relationships require conflicts. Should nuclear power be used? Is it ethical to clone animals? Does forbidding the use of explicit vocabulary on TV in the daytime help its cause? All Americans have a constitutional right to health care. Children would treat TV more critically if Photography was studied at schools Should age restrictions for TV shows be stricter?


Mobile phones should be switched off during a lecture. Students should be paid for getting good grades. Should assault weapons be legal?


Alcohol and tobacco industries must face more severe taxation. Persuasive essay topics are on our experts, too. Short hair is better than long hair.


Regular exercise will improve your health. How can advertising be regulated to make it more ethical? Most players do not lead healthy lifestyles due to hard partying after sporting activities Regular drug testing should be compulsory for all players Colleges have placed too much attention on development of sports rather than development of all students Why does football have such a huge following in the world? Qualitative research is more preferable than quantitative research. Student loans are expensive and students need to understand what they are getting themselves into. There should be a class teaching students how to optimize taxes.


Why you should volunteer in a developing country. Is a camera in public place an invasion of privacy? Men and women speak different languages in love matters. Should the government have a say in our diets?