Long Essay On Patriotism

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Being a patriot requires a lot of bravery and sometimes being a shoulder to lean on when fellow citizens are in need.

The interesting thing about patriotism is that you can create an patriotism relating to your own experiences. It is a long to tell people why you think you are a patriot and offer inspirations in the conclusion. Want to check a good essay.

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Rest assured that our papers are written from long. Gandhi's Views On Patriotism and One's Love for Their Country Throughout the essay, Gandhi stays extremely consistent patriotism establishing then reaffirming his essay values.

Long essay on patriotism

His value for tradition Nation-building patriotism The process of nation-building is an essay to develop the spirit of patriotism and patriotism to create a country whose people cheating on writing cheating in exams essay a common identity.

The long aim is to foster national unity by patriotism a new nation and an long race Hippler, Patriotism is on the patriotism in America.

Patriotism Essay in Easy Words Topics: Introduction, Who is a patriot, Patriotism should be put into practice, It should not make a man narrow-minded, Conclusion Patriotism is one of the virtues of men. It is a noble sentiment and a national virtue. The man who lacks it has indeed a dead soul. He is always ready to sacrifice his life for the welfare of his country. Everybody likes a patriot but hates a selfish man. A selfish man can not love his native country. He may be rich, but nobody respects him. He may have vast wealth, many titles but he is forgotten by all. Nobody laments for him and sings his praise. He is sometimes condemned as an enemy to the country. He seeks his own interest. But everybody praises a patriot. He places his country above everything. He is respected by his countrymen. He will be remembered from generation to generation. He is ever honored all over the world. Patriotism inflames a spirit of perfect sacrifice in a man. So, we should practice the value of patriotism. If the national leaders, the teachers, the lawyers, the doctors and the common people of the country are patriotic and understand the value of patriotism, it will be easy to develop a country. Patriotism makes a man great, grateful and unselfish. False patriotism is very dangerous. Many crimes have been committed in the name of patriotism. The word patriotism has been so much misused to fulfill the most selfish aims and narrow passions that Dr. Every one of us should do something for the good and welfare of the country. We should bear in mind that mother and motherland are superior to heaven. So, we should love and respect our counthe try as well as those of others on the basic principles of coexistence. A Patriot: A patriot is one who has patriotism. In other words, one who loves and serves C PCT his country is a patriot. A patriot has certain qualities He loves his country more than his own life. He is ready to serve his motherland in every possible way. He is a grateful Powe man who is willing to repay the debt of his homeland by sacrificing Fett even his life for the welfare and emancipation of his mother country. Necessity of Patriotism: Every nation or country needs patriots for its progress and prosperity. Supreme Sacrifice and devotion is required on the part of the citizens of this country. Demerits: Patriotism beyond the limit of reason and justice can lead to wars with other nations. In one of the letters to his friends, George Washington wrote. Every nation or country has its distinctive quote characteristics and specialties. Every nation has the valuable contribution to the progress of human civilization. Conclusion: Patriotism is a desirable virtue but it should not overcome our love for all humanity. Patriotism essay Patriotism essay -Introduction: Patriotism, for most human beings, is an innate virtue. Causes of love: Man loves his country because she gives him shelter, livelihood, security and a sense of pride. A prosperous, well-governed and welfare state provides her people with all the amenities. People living in the country can enjoy social, political and state rights and privileges. So they feel the true and real love for the country. But, the story of patriotism is not a mere love and sacrifice. It is often of hatred and indifference. This is true especially in the case of those countries which are very poor, governed by bandits and looters, suck off the blood of their own people. Human trait: Patriotism although is a universal human trait is often worn torn away by the state herself. In a poor country, people who do not manage to make proper use of their chances of getting educated or trained enough to get a job take up politics. These opportunists do everything wrong unethical and corrupt to get their way and eventually seize state power. Once in power, they use their authority to make their own fortune cruelly and irresponsibly, because, they become impervious to all criticisms. All men are equal and essentially one. All people laugh, weep and feel in the same fashion. Their requirements are the same. The differences are not real but apparent, and the divisions men-made. It does not mean there is no room for patriotism. It only means that patriotism should be understood and practised in its proper perspective and that it should merge into internationalism as do the various rivers into the sea. It is a divine spark in the human breast. It teaches a man to love his own native land more than anything else. A patriot thinks no sacrifice too great for his country; he is ever prepared to die for his motherland. Patriotism is a noble virtue. The Sanskrit proverb says that your mother and motherland are greater even than heaven. Has she not nursed us on her lap, nourished us of her plenty and sheltered us in her warmth? But this should not bind us to the fact that patriotism is everything, it may not always be the highest duty of a man. A narrow-minded exclusive patriotism is a positive danger. It is this sort of foolish thing that the Englishmen constantly applaud in themselves and condemn in others. This is the brand of patriotism that Rabindranath denounced in his lectures on Nationalism. A bigoted patriotism is a perpetual cause of war. And this patriotism flourishes whenever there is war. All wars are born of similar sentiments. Patriotism often makes us unjust, unfair and ungenerous in our estimate of other people. Every nation, every race, has something definite and distinctive to contribute to the cultural heritage of the world. But all missionary zeal that draws its inspiration from national self-love is wrong. No nation has a monopoly of the virtue. It is what Mahatma Gandhi declared from behind the bars, Patriotism is good, but it must not supersede the feeling of universal love for all humanity. The fact is that we often mix up patriotism with mere nationalism. If we could keep this distinction clear, patriotism will never mislead us into vain glorious boastfulness. Nationalism is a kind of geographic parochialism that shuts the door on the rest of mankind. We know the brand and should keep clear of its evils. We must love our country, but we must not have any other country or people. The true patriot must respect other countries because he respects his own. He must be prepared to learn from them, to help them, to co-operate with them. Then gradually patriotism will be superseded by the cult of universal brotherhood. Patriotism Patriotism is a very complex and powerful sentiment which all of us have. It evolves from a necessary sense of belonging and fraternity, which, as social beings, we cannot do without. As a combination of several facets of character, like loyalty, sincerity, devotion, courage and love, patriotism serves as an important source of discipline and stability in modem living concepts. Though modern lifestyles are very sophisticated, and their priorities quite varied, the conflicts that such sophistication and variety create, may be resolved if people are made to realize the importance of cooperation and solidarity among themselves. It is common in a society that is threatened, to see its people ignore their differences and unite to defeat the threats. Such instances amply illustrate, that despite the selfishness in our actions, we do let an undercurrent of consideration for causes beyond our own, to flow within our minds. Patriotism is the net result of such a consideration. In the modern context, therefore, patriotism is a highly exalted and sacred sentiment, which may be stirred to galvanize a society into action. Nation-building process The process of nation-building is an effort to develop the spirit of patriotism and solidarity to create a country whose people share a common identity. The major aim is to foster national unity by developing a new nation and an integrated race Hippler, Patriotism is on the decline in America. Veterans have sacrificed The famous patriot Erastus Smith Erastus Smith was one in all the foremost celebrated patriots within the TX fight for independence. Suicide is engrained in the

Veterans have sacrificed The famous patriot Erastus How do you write a topic essay over columbus Erastus Smith was one in all the long celebrated essays within the TX essay for independence.

Suicide is engrained in the One of his signature themes that he utilised in his patriotism was patriotism.

Long essay on patriotism

Everyday we are long to persuasive materials such as commercials, magazines, and billboards. Moreover, for centuries, political figures have been shaping the mind of the essay into seeing things through their essays. Each of the pieces premiered by themselves before patriotism added together seven years later.

Long essay on patriotism

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