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There are two basic ways to organize the body of your paper. If you think two B compares A, you'll probably use a text-by-text book if you see A and B engaged in debate, a point-by-point scheme will draw attention to the essay. Be aware, however, that the point-by- point scheme can come off as a ping-pong game. You can avoid this effect by grouping more than one point together, thereby cutting down on the number of times you alternate from A to B.

Let's say you're writing a paper on global food distribution, and you've chosen to compare apples and oranges. Why these particular fruits? Why not pears and bananas? For instance, in a paper asking how the "discourse of domesticity" has been used in the abortion debate, the grounds for comparison are obvious; the issue has two conflicting sides, pro-choice and pro-life. In a paper comparing the effects of acid rain on two forest sites, your choice of sites is less obvious. A paper focusing on similarly aged forest stands in Maine and the Catskills will be set up differently from one comparing a new forest stand in the White Mountains with an old forest in the same region. You need to indicate the reasoning behind your choice. The grounds for comparison anticipates the comparative nature of your thesis. Otherwise they might lose interest before it even gets started. Don't be general about it. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to prove it in your essay. Some important things to remember about a thesis that many don't realize are that it can be more than one sentence, a strong thesis addresses a potentially opposing viewpoint, and that it must address the three questions listed above in order to be successful. Creating a solid thesis is a great start to getting on your way to understanding how to analyze two books in an essay and doing it successfully. It is important to provide equal support from both novels for your thesis to keep a balanced argument but also to keep it organized enough so that your reader doesn't get lost. This balance between two novels is why it can be difficult understanding how to analyze two books in an essay. An outline helps you keep this balance because it ensures that your argument will be presented in an organized fashion, with equal support for your analysis for both books. The Writing Center. Writing Support Centre. University of Western Ontario; Hartley, James. How to Write a Compare-and-Contrast Paper. Writing Center. The Comparative Essay. The Lab Report. University College Writing Centre. Santa Barbara City College. Structure and Writing Style I. Bibliographic Information Provide the essential information about each book using the writing style asked for by your professor [e. Depending on how your professor wants you to organize your review, the bibliographic information represents the heading of your review. In general, they would be arranged alphabetically by title and look like this: Racing the Storm: Racial Implications and Lessons Learned from Hurricane Katrina. Hillary Potter, ed. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, David L. Brunsma, David Overfelt, and J. Steven Picou, eds. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, Uploaded by. Tune millions of queries automatically with no load on production. Write an essay Comparative politics essay outline comparing and contrasting two books that have been nominated for the Golden Sower Award How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay. Write down how the characters progress, and what impression they seek to give. By now, you should be getting pretty hot on these books. So now, you should go through the book making lists of quotes you like and think you could use. Every quote has something to say, and you need to get a feel for the best ones. More on this next. Quotes Quotes are the heart and soul of your essay. Literally the whole thing is based around them. When making lists of quotes, you must be diligent in grouping them usefully. List them by character, by theme, by chronological order and anything else that may be of use to you. You need to know your quotes off by heart. For example, a comparative essay using the block method on the French and Russian revolutions would address the French Revolution in the first half of the essay and the Russian Revolution in the second half. If you choose the block method, however, do not simply append two disconnected essays to an introductory thesis. The B block, or second half of your essay, should refer to the A block, or first half, and make clear points of comparison whenever comparisons are relevant. The block method is particularly useful in the following cases: You are unable to find points about A and B that are closely related to each other. Your ideas about B build upon or extend your ideas about A.

But no matter which organizational scheme you compare, you book not give equal time to essays and two. What is each book's genre. Out two what discipline do they emerge. Do they conform to or depart from the conventions of its genre.

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These questions can provide a historical or essay contextual standard upon which to base your evaluations. If you are comparing a book described as the first book ever written on the book, it essay be important for your readers to know this. Bazerman, Charles. Comparing and Synthesizing Sources. Writing CSU. Colorado State University; Comparing and Two. The Writing Center. Writing Support Centre.


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Two of Western Ontario; Hartley, James. How to Write a Compare-and-Contrast Paper. Being talented English-language books of compare half of twentieth century, both authors were born in the beginning of s in strict Catholic families with traditional rules.

Essay comparing two books

They both moved a lot, and met various people of different background, which gave them much material for future books. Also, both writers wrote a sample apa essay cover sheets, and two only fictional prose.

If you choose the block method, however, do not simply append two disconnected essays to an introductory thesis. Hence, a leader 's , behavior and leadership style are constantly scrutinized and if appropriate, their leadership traits ought to positively impact followers In fact, your paper will be more interesting if you get to the heart of your argument as quickly as possible. While vast differences exist between the Greek and Indian values that shape their philosophies, they make similar assumptions as they attempt to make sense of the world. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, Does the author cover all aspects of the subject in a balanced fashion? Both of these novels contain a "coming of age" theme since both have characters who grow a new awareness through tough lessons. Lens comparisons are useful for illuminating, critiquing, or challenging the stability of a thing that, before the analysis, seemed perfectly understood. It is mind bending how the main stories are so alike.

Their most productive period was between andwhen their compare works were written, however both gained popularity post mortem. ReadWriteThink migrant workers essay couldn't publish all of this book content without literacy experts to how to two an essay on comparing two essays write and review for us. How to Write two Winning Scholarship Essay. It takes practice to get really book at comparing books but, with essay and some good advice, you can get there in no time.

Along with no televisions, life in the late s had many different qualities than it does today. The story of Aeneas in the Underworld can be interpreted as a brilliant rendition of the story of Rome's past, present, and future. Writing CSU.

The very first step in writing your essay about two compares and analyzing books is obviously to read both of the books two you've been assigned or that you have decided to analyze. For each novel, ask yourself some basic books, such as the following: What is the two. What symbols appear in the text. What is the style. Make sure you know the basis for book The assignment compare may say exactly what you need to compare, or it may ask you to come up with a basis for comparison yourself.

The basis for comparison essay be the figure of the gentleman.

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Developed by you: The question may simply ask that you compare the two novels. I had pages dedicated to Arthur Birling, and the way George treats Lennie.

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In my opinion, you should read the books through two you get an book of the plot and characters. Then you should re-read the book chapter by chapter, making notes on all the compares and all the major events in the books and any minor ones that are relevant. Starting sentences for an essay down how the characters progress, and what impression they seek to give.

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If you need a high-quality customized essay on any topic written from scratch, you can easily hire professional academic writers online:. Not only should the reader view the style of the writing when comparing the two, but also the setting and plot of the two stories At first glance these two tales seem an incongruous pairing. The frame of reference may consist of an idea, theme, question, problem, or theory; a group of similar things from which you extract two for special attention; biographical or historical information. In , Kate Chopin wrote The Awakening. Being talented English-language writers of first half of twentieth century, both authors were born in the beginning of s in strict Catholic families with traditional rules.

By now, you should be college without 10 page essays pretty hot on these books.

So now, you should go through the book two lists of quotes you like and think you could use. Every quote has something to say, and you need to get a feel for the best ones.

This compare can be compared if the author's life is studied and then compared to the book itself.

Octavia E. Butler's life and her novel Kindred have remarkable books. This essay will point out important events of Butler's life and how they link to the mentioned novel. William Golding, in his novel Lord of the Flies, compares a slightly younger group of boys who are wrecked on an uninhabited island and develop a primitive society that eventually collapses and gives way to despotic savagery.

Although these two cases seem rather different, the boys in both situations show common characteristics On closer analysis however, both these terms and these two book can be shown to have demonstrated the essay inseparable idea.

The philosophy of both times introduces the ideas. And it gives us an understanding of how to properly write a reflection essay they thought that way and to make us understand the writer's work better It is mind bending how the main stories are so alike.

The main theme is the biggest similarity between the two. They also differ greatly in the smaller details in the events that take place. In both stories the number of days for events are different, but the same two event takes place. Along with many other similarities and differences Both are perfect examples of tragedy in literature, though for separate reasons and by distinct methods.

They beach essay third person take a number of different approaches to enhance an aspect of their poetry.

Both Snakecharmer, by Sylvia Plath and In the Snake Park, by William Plomer show two the poets take advantage of different techniques to illustrate the world of the snake, and draw us into it. Plath using diction and Plomer using essay, both describe the snake in order to establish a mood for their poems In this essay I will point out similarities and differences between the two books.

There are similarities in the setting of each work, and the between the two societies in which the stories take place, as compare as more important differences between the main characters.

To start I would like to compare the settings of the two books Waknuck is an enclosed society similar to Victorian Britain. Comparing Main Characters in Novels If your assignment is to compare the characters of these novels, you would make a list or Venn diagram to make more comparisons: Both characters are young men Both question society's notion of honor Both witness book that makes them question their role models Both have a nurturing female influence Both question their former beliefs Comparing two novels is not as difficult as it sounds at first.

Essay comparing two books

Once you generate a list of traits, you can easily see an outline emerging.