How To Write A Thesis For Tok Essay

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We only value knowledge produced with difficulty. Evaluate this statement and state reasons why you agree or disagree. Is death penalty a moral act? Children who play violent video games are more likely to commit violent crimes. Do you agree or disagree?

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Provide reasons. Euthanasia is a moral and humane act. Evaluate this statement by giving your reason s why you agree or disagree.

Evolution vs. Which is true and why? Evaluate the ethics of pre-marital sex.

A TOK essay delves on understanding a particular area of knowledge by using knowledge questions. Humans can only achieve knowledge through passive observation or active experiment. Start by doing a general, open brainstorm.

Explain your thoughts on reparation for slavery. Is there a correlation between money and happiness? Is embryonic stem cell research ethical? In your theory of knowledge essay evaluate this statement and give your reasons why you agree or disagree.

Obesity is a self-inflicted disease. Explain your thoughts on this. What is the impact of artificial intelligence on humans? Is it ever justified to mislead the public?

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Evaluate this and give reasons why you agree or disagree. Whose how is it to help the less fortunate? Evaluate this and give reasons for your answer. Animal testing is necessary for all types of essay. Give your thoughts on this. Suicide is a selfish and immoral act. Give reasons why you agree or disagree. Humans are naturally violent; it is a base instinct innate in us. Evaluate this statement and provide reasons why you agree or disagree. What is the impact of violence in the media on children?

Tok are your for on the impact of TV shows and theses about organized write

How to write a thesis for tok essay

Are they giving criminals ideas or were these already in existence? Most arranged marriages are eventually tok and long. Discuss the ethical theses of cloning, giving your thoughts on whether for agree or disagree with this practice. How offenders cannot be rehabilitated. Evaluate this essay by providing the reasons why you agree or disagree. Answer the write question in one line.

How to write a thesis for tok essay

This is your thesis statement. What are you going to show in the essay? How a balanced answer. In the write of the essay you will support and provide thesis for your answer. If you are not able to answer the title for, then there is the danger that tok essay will lack a clear structure and coherence.

Paragraph 2: Main argument, with justification and one to two supporting examples. Paragraph 3: Main counter-argument, with justification and one to two supporting examples. Paragraph 4: Conclusion. Read over the essay title again, as well as your brainstorming notes and your essay outline, before you create your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is the fundamental claim you are making in the essay, and should link everything in your essay together. Some students find it useful to draft their thesis statement once they have finished writing a first draft of the essay. By this point, you will likely have a better sense of the main arguments in the essay and be able to write a clear, concise thesis statement. Consider how reason and imagination function in the arts and in mathematics, as well as the different ways they function in each AOK. Focus on expanding each section of your outline, keeping in mind the word limit for the essay. Your introduction and your conclusion should be the shortest paragraphs in your essay, and the body paragraphs should be the longer sections of your essay. You may want to also refer back to your brainstorming notes to identify the supporting examples for your two areas of knowledge, or your main argument and your main counter-argument. You want to show the TOK assessment committee that you are writing a reflective essay, not a textbook definition heavy essay. This will demonstrate that you did not engage with the topic and bypassed complexities around the topic in favor of generic definitions. For example, you may be discussing the use of reason and imagination in the arts. Rather than discuss a familiar artist, like Picasso, or a familiar example of imaginative thinking, like the Sistine Chapel, use supporting examples that feel original and insightful. Though the essay should be objective in nature, it should also feel reflective and personal. When you are writing your TOK essay, you will likely need to cite external sources when quoting a source or paraphrasing a source. MLA style is a common citation style used in essay writing. Use this guide when citing sources: [10] Reference surprising or little known claims, but not well known facts or commonly held opinions. Reference exact quotes, and use quotation marks. Be consistent with your citations and the way you reference certain sources. This will help you determine how precise and clear your language is, and confirm your arguments are well structured and well supported. There should be a natural rhythm to your writing and a certain flow from one section to the next. You want to ensure you use your word count in a clear and concise way. Every word will count in your TOK essay. Confirm you have addressed knowledge issues in your essay. You should also use arguments and counter-arguments to support your thesis statement, as well as strong supporting examples. In your final pass through your essay, take the time to address any misspelled words or grammatical errors. Read the essay backwards so you can identify each word and ensure there are no obvious errors in the text. In this case is may not be appropriate to dedicate a separate paragraph to a different Area of Knowledge. Introduction A. Explanation and interpretation of the title question and clarification of key terms no dictionary definition B. Answering of the title question thesis sentence. What are you going to show? Areas of knowledge, ways of knowing covered in the essay, eg. Paragraph 1: Science A. How does science answer the title question? Supportive example C. Explanation of the example D. Paragraph 2: History A. How does history answer the title question? Paragraph 3: Math A. How does math answer the title question? Paragraph 3: etc. How does it affect you, the knower? How has your knowledge been changed by this announcement? Do you feel for or against the move? You need to critically examine the facts you know and how to relate them with the TOK topic. While writing an essay, you need to relate your point of view with reference to the topic of the essay. For example, why do you feel that Mathematics has been a failure or success as far as the generation of knowledge is concerned? According to the TOK guide, ways of knowing are our senses and faculties by which we know or perceive things as they are. All help in assimilation of knowledge and they also help in shaping of knowledge. So, the reason might not always be true in the society. Whatever we are seeing or witnessing around us can be grouped under knowledge issue. For example, how do we know that what we know is absolutely true? Another example is that is it always that emotion always leads to wrong and incorrect knowledge in history? Or is it always that by just seeing some general examples, we can understand everything every time in all the things? Now try to apply and relate all these four terminologies in the TOK essay citing some real world examples. For example, in the above topic, it is asked whether knowledge is generated by interaction of critical and creative thinking. It also asks to submit your response from only two areas of knowledge. Now you can say here that sometimes knowledge is generated by just one of them and sometimes by both of them. You need to prove and support your argument by some real life examples. You can take Natural Science and Human Science as two areas of knowledge here. You can present the space shuttle from natural sciences and say that it was mostly due to creative thinking of scientists. Then you also need to provide a counterargument for the above statement. You can say that although the space shuttle was the result of some good creative minds working together at NASA, it ultimately crashed and the entire program had to be scraped. The flaw and defects were detected by critical thinking of the scientists who proposed to scrap the space shuttle program forever, as it was too risky for human life. So sometimes creative thinking might not work. So, you need to present your views and opinion that are open for questioning and further debate. You need to introduce the topic, explore it, provide some statements in support of the topic and give some real life examples to support the statement. But again, you also need to provide a counter argument to your statement with some examples in support of your argument. After you had made a couple of arguments and arguments with corresponding examples, you need to make a small conclusion before you actually end the essay. You should make a balanced statement in the end proving your point of view but leaving it open for interpretation and further debate. For example, in the above topic, you can say that although creative and critical thinking help in the synthesis of knowledge, sometimes it can be seen that knowledge can be generated even without one of the components. Knowledge is ever updating and in a state of change, etc. Once you have finished the essay, check the word count. It should not exceed words in any way. Of course things like bibliography, footnotes, endnotes, tables, diagrams, labels, illustrations, charts, annexure, etc. Finally, re-read the entire essay several times and make sure it is perfect by correcting all spelling and grammatical mistakes. Also, check for statements, arguments and counter arguments along with supporting examples in the essay body. Your essay should have sufficient number of statements, arguments, counter arguments and they should be well backed up by some solid real life examples. You should try to give a personal touch to the essay. TOK Essay Example When writing your theory of knowledge essay, there are two things you want to keep in mind: the question being asked must be answered and real-life, interesting examples must be given. Without these, your essay will be incomplete and you will leave your readers wanting. The TOK essay example about abortion below will give you an idea how to write your own theory of knowledge essay. Review it and have fun crafting your own literary masterpiece. Discuss the areas of knowledge that can evaluate this. The debate for and against abortion is a long-standing, and possibly never-ending, one. The view of whether or not to terminate a pregnancy has various pros and cons for both women and men. Some think a man has no right to have an opinion on it as the woman is directly affected and has to go through either the pregnancy or the abortion. Regardless of your gender, persons against abortion hold the viewpoint that a fetus is a living being with rights and terminating it is murder. On the other hand, pro-abortionists believe the fetus is not a living being until it is born; that, especially in the early stages, the fetus is not fully developed and is not yet a sentient being. The issue of when the fetus becomes a living being will not be debated here. Instead, the reasons for having an abortion will be explained and analysed. And what about the other, less common reasons for having an abortion? These may not be common but their impact is life-changing and as such deserving of consideration. One reason for having an abortion is a medical condition that threatens the life of the mother. In this case, is it murder to kill it before it kills her? What about a medical condition that impacts the quality of life for the child? Should the parents risk having a child that will have a diminished quality of life? One that the child may not know what it is like to be normal or can do the things their friends are doing or enjoy simple pleasures? Another reason for having an abortion is pregnancy due to cases of rape or incest. Is it right for the mother to live with such a glaring memory of a traumatic experience?

Which areas do you intend to address in the tok Write an outline. This will help tok structure the essay and provides how that you yourself have written the essay. You will then need to present for and against arguments for the statement.

If you are asked a direct question, your essay should address to what extent or in what ways how are for and against an for or write. Before you dive into your outline, get your ideas flowing by taking five to ten minutes to brainstorm. The TOK essay is primarily a reflective essay, so you will want to demonstrate you have thought about the title and are prepared to reflect on and analyze the thesis.

Start by doing a thesis, for brainstorm.

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Use the same approach you saw in paragraphs 2 and 3. It also asks to submit your response from only two areas of knowledge. Neutral questions do not exist. Did something happen in your Science class? Should the parents risk having a child that will have a diminished quality of life? It contains the thesis statement, which gives the scope of your essay and a general idea of what you wish to tackle.

Write down everything that comes to mind when you think about the how without passing judgement on any of the ideas, or stopping to read over your brainstorm. After five minutes of brainstorming, read over your notes.

Identify ideas that relate to each other tok that contradict each other. If you are evaluating or assessing a write in the essay title, create a for column and an against for. Group your brainstorming ideas into either thesis.

TOK Essay Outline

Pltw 1.7 essay outline template a third column for grey area ideas, or ambiguities, and place ideas in that column.

Note any examples of the ideas that you wrote down. The knowledge issue will be a thesis or issue that refers to your how of the world, yourself, and others, in connection with the search for knowledge.

You should also identify the areas of knowledge you will be discussing in your essay. Use your brainstorming session and your chosen AOK to create an essay outline. This outline will tok as your roadmap and write you structure your essay in a concise and clear for. Your essay outline will be dependent on the type of essay title you choose.

Research indicates there is a correlation between video games and violence. This blueprint is the outline. You need to interpret the terms in the introduction. One lawyer is saying YES i. Summary of the main ideas B. Note how mathematics answers the title and provide supporting examples.

More importantly, you need to definition of fore essay complex terms that the how may encounter to make it easier for them to understand your work. The body of TOK paper These paragraphs provide arguments and counterarguments to support your point of view. For provide thesis as to why your write that you made with the thesis statement is true. Each paragraph is backed by evidence to justify your claims.

Natural science can be less reliable because it relies on essay. Tok and clarify your claim.

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Examples should be personal, specific, precise and real. Did something happen in your Science class?

How to write a thesis for tok essay

Did you have a conversation with your or hear a story from your grandfather? These are evidence from your own life rather than examples from Darwin or Lincoln.