Story starters for creative writing

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Present this character with a terrible problem. How will the character react? Start turning this into a story. People-watch Go to a public place like a coffeehouse or a mall, and watch the people around you. Imagine what their lives might be like. Everyone has secrets -- guess at the secrets of the stranger you see. You can turn some of these people into characters for a story. An added bonus: this exercise gets you away from your desk for a while.

A change of scene may be just what you need to inject new energy into your writing. Keep a journal Keep a journal, where you describe the people, places, and events from your day. Describe the details of how things look, sound, smell, and feel. Try to capture the details that you couldn't have imagined if you hadn't observed them for yourself.

If you use them in your fiction later, they will give it a texture of reality. Whenever you're stuck for creative writing ideas, you'll be able to mine your journal for material.

Take a creative writing class Writing is a solitary activity. Consider taking a course or joining a group to meet other writers and expose yourself to different creative approaches.

Short on money and time for a creative writing classes? No problem. Creative Writing Now offers free online writing courses. Story Starters E-Book Bryan Cohen has put together one of the largest collections of creative writing prompts around. His new e-book, 1, Creative Writing Prompts , offers one thousand story starters on a wide range of topics.

Check it out! Creative Writing Ideas from Our Readers Some of our visitors have shared their creativity tips and favorite story starters. Find out where other writers go for creative writing ideas , and inspire other writers with your own techniques. Thanks so much for the great courses.

Thank you for offering a basic, no nonsense basic poetry course at a reasonable price. The writing was faded. She looked down into the sea. The seagulls were just white dots from that height. He picked up the key and slipped it into his pocket, sure nobody had seen him. She was changing. There was no doubt about that. A tidy garden and a freshly painted door made the house look welcoming and cared for. There was doubt in her face. In a panic she ran towards the road, dropping her bag on the way.

The sudden movement of the bus jolted her awake. He bent over to catch his breath and stretch his back. At that moment he decided to face it.

He was tired of running. She reached into the box. Everything depended on the number she picked out.

There seemed to be a small building in the field to his left. Grey and crumbling bricks dotted the garden. The music slowed and we were left on the dance floor. Every time I turned around there was someone trying to stop my progress. Life has just seemed to pass me by but I really want to make a mark. Having desires was always Trent's downfall. One of the biggest secrets of my life was on the 10 o'clock news. No sooner did our romantic evening start, an urgent call came through.

There was no real explanation for Anthony's new found 'talent'. Lights filled the sky atop the houses. Samantha left a note for Justin each morning bt he would never tell anyone what they said.

Twenty-two hours of labor and the baby still hadn't come. Emily missed her best friend dearly but she knew they couldn't see each other. Could it be possible the she loved him more than her own husband? Each time Nora picked up her phone, she placed it right back down on the cradle.

David couldn't think of anything but his missing little sister. I never believed in having a therapist for life's problems. Working in a novelty store had to be the coolest and most interesting job ever. My mother could never be happy for me. The surgery was already scheduled and all I had to do was show up. Vladimir hated showing his emotions for fear of backlash from his father.

The roller coaster stopped upside down with dozens of passengers on board. A quiet evening on the beach would set the mood perfectly to break the news. Whenever Heather wanted to be alone she traveled to the observatory. There was an eerie smile on Cathy's face as she relinquished all her assets to her soon-to-be ex in court. Behind closed doors Aaron wasn't the hard ass everyone thought he was.

For months Vivian cried herself to sleep. Nerds were not the only game testers at Finger Works Inc. I was amazed to see that my grandma had planted so many flowers. We were supposed to meet on the Brooklyn Bridge at 11 p. Discouraged and tired, they ended the search for Patricia. Onlookers watched in horror as the plane exploded as soon as it hit the runway. The pills seemed to call her as she stared at the medicine bottle on the night stand.

France was a beautiful place this time of year. We shared our first kiss under the cherry blossom tree. This corruption case was the biggest one the city has ever seen.

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When you are stuck, how do you jump start your writing?

Still swatantra divas essay writer blocked? Here are some other ways to keep the words flowing. Re-imagine a real event Think of something that happened to you, or someone you know, or someone in a news story, and ask yourself, "What if?
Story starters for creative writing
Thanks so much for the great courses. Write about it. If you had a tree that grows money, what would you do? What are some of your favorite ways to stay cool? The heat of his breath lingered on my neck.

The Ultimate List of Fun & Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

What can you say to make them feel better? Apples or Oranges? What things do you think kids should be able to do that they have to be a grown up for? If you were on a spaceship, what would you be most excited about seeing? The lights and sounds of the big city have always excited me.
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Story starters and creative writing ideas for fiction

How did this happen? How do you think they might feel? Describe the scene you wanted to write. What do you think it would be like to work as a sailor on big ship in the ocean each day?
Story starters for creative writing
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How did the elephant get there? Your favorite athlete shows up at one of your games—but as a player on the other team! What kind of things would you do you for fun? What does it look like? What is one of the most important things you do each and every day? Check it out!
April will forever be our favorite month. Quickly write a list of ten situations which would inspire that emotion for example: when someone harms a family member. If you could have any secret super power, what would you want it to be and why?

Story Starters

Agreed, we all do. The answer finally comes when aliens arrive. Why is she so grumpy all of the time? What are they? Write about the reasons why you think winter or summer is better.
How do you find a place to put all these books? Write about what it was like. How do you help the ringmaster find a place to put on a show? You can choose any emotion, such as happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, guilty, etc. Getting the right start is crucial when it comes to creative writing, and you need to give it your all to bring it up to standard.

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For Beginnings Start creative one of these and see where your imagination takes you. He should have never let her into the apartment It sounded like violin music, and it writing coming from the basement I crouched behind the car, trying not to story a starters
Story starters for creative writing
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If you could meet any famous person today, who would you want to meet and why? It was all over the Internet before I got a chance to explain things. If you were a doctor, what do you think would be the most important part of your job every day? Lights filled the sky atop the houses. How do you use it?


Write instructions for how to make your favorite snack.


If you have never been to the beach, write about what you might like to do the first time you visit.


What makes you feel loved and cared about? There are betters ways of meeting the challenge of getting started than staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration. How do you help the ringmaster find a place to put on a show? First, try organizing your writing life.


Pretend you're talking to a friend, and record what you say. I am sure I will go back frequently to review them for reference during many of my future writing projects. What are some things that you like to make and eat in the kitchen? You walk outside to get your mail and your mailbox starts talking to you.


Every time a dog barks, something unusual happens… You learn that you are heir to a throne… At the library, you find a photo in a book.