Part 66 human factors essay writer

  • 21.04.2019
Part 66 human factors essay writer
You are on page 1of 1 Search inside obspy write my essay Module 9 essay questions 1. Name two pressures the engineer is subjected to, how they originate and how to prevent them. Part of an engineers responsibility is to make aircraft serviceable. To do this he makes decisions based upon his perceptions. The perceptions are based upon the attention given to detail. You are on page 1of 2 Search inside document factors handovers in part large aircraft structural repair are In base maintenance where mostly aircraft structural repairs will be writer out and span more than one or more shifts to be completed. Hence, shift essay task handovers are needed to ensure that all the works and progress will be passed on to next shift clearly. Communication is a very important part human form a good shift handover.
Part 66 human factors essay writer

The outgoing personnel are at the end of anything up to a twelve hour shift and are consequently tired and eager to go home. In the modern world, people tend to rely on air conditioning systems to cool the working environment down for them in the tropics, and heaters to warm things up for others in more temperate parts of the world. Include details of types of fluid used. Describe in detail the effects of stress on an engineer and how environmental factors affect stress. So, organisational stressors include Work scheduling, Work predictability, Job insecurity, Career development and Poor communication. Humans are all members of a number of teams and it is important that they play their role in each team to the best of their ability.
Part 66 human factors essay writer
There are differences around the world about how much liability individuals should accept. For example, neck and shoulder problems were reduced by more than half. How are you going to communicate this to the incoming shift with regards to outstanding work, data and spares? If top down communication is the passing of information down through the different levels of an organisation it follows that upwards communication is the passing of information in the opposite direction. How is safety in the aircraft hangar achieved?

The questions are writer straight forward. So it requires be written in points format. Read this guidance and understand how to write victory day of bangladesh essay help effective essay answer in your exam. Click on essay links to view the answers of these factors 9 Human Factors Human questions. Impact of IT communication rules of successful communication group part making describe in detail the effects of stress of an engineer and how environmental factors affects stress.
Part 66 human factors essay writer
It is now known that: Within about a half hour of beginning a vigilance task, detection performance drops dramatically and never recovers during the watch. In the same way, all training is primarily aimed at reducing errors of one form or another. Noise in this context is all of the sensory information that comes in through the ears. Describe the procedure to refuel a medium sized passenger jet Include all safety checks that should be observed. This can be effected by ensuring that the procedures are correct and usable, that the means of presentation of the information is user friendly and appropriate to the task and context, that engineers are encouraged to follow procedures and not to cut corners. Working nights can also lead to problems sleeping during the day, due to the interference of daylight, noise etc

Describe in detail the process of obtaining a Part Basic License and then describe how a Part quality department can issue a type approval 3. There was also a notable reduction in reported musculo-skeletal aches and pains. Incidents attributable to human factors human error Most problems that were leading to accidents are: There were staff shortages Time pressures existed All the errors occurred at night Shift or task handovers were involved They all involved supervisors doing long hands-on tasks There was an element of a can-do attitude Interruptions occurred There was some failure to use approved data or company procedures Manuals were confusing There was inadequate pre-planning, equipment or spares. Normal hearing is from 20 Hz to 20, Hz Hangar noise is about 70 to 75 decibel Earplugs reduce noise by 20 decibel Earmuffs reduce noise by 40 decibel Impact of Noise on Performance It can: be annoying e. The aviation industry has unfortunately had alcohol as part and parcel of its early culture. In fact, it decreases predictably as the square of the distance.
Part 66 human factors essay writer
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Rods cannot detect color. At the end of the day make tomorrow's daily list that comprises of immediate tasks, calendar items that have become current and further items from the master list. In summary, there is a whole range of stressors that can and do affect maintenance engineers and more importantly, affect the performance of engineers. The disadvantages of shift working are mainly associated with: working unsociable hours, meaning that time available with friends, family, etc. This means that, wherever necessary, outgoing engineers personally brief their incoming colleagues. To ensure a purposeful communication is established, the sender must make sure the receiver is using the same channel of communication and language.


In some organisations this has continued despite all of the evidence that suggests that alcohol and safety do not mix in anyway, shape or form. Cones function in good light and are capable of detecting one detail and are color sensitive. Long term stress can affect a persons health, but if he or she is physically fit to start with, the person is less likely to become ill when under stress.


Physiological fatigue reflects the bodies need for replenishment and restoration. Any maintenance task performed on an aircraft is an opportunity for human error to be introduced. Cones function in good light and are capable of detecting one detail and are color sensitive.


The incoming persons ability to understand and assimilate the information being provided by the outgoing person.


This type of stress can be reduced by careful management, good training, etc. This means that in subsequent sleep, he will make up the deficit in that particular type of sleep. When they make an important point, restate it. Warning sign must attract an engineers attention!


It is similar to hunger indicating the need for food, or thirst indicating the need for water. In Latent Failure, it is a hidden failure that is in the system waiting for the right condition to be evident.


Finally, there are associated health and safety hazards such as increased health and safety hazards, increased number of on-the-job accidents, careless handling and maintenance of equipment, needless risktaking, and disregard for others safety. Hence, shift and task handovers are needed to ensure that all the works and progress will be passed on to next shift clearly. Goals should be specific, positive, realistic and measurable.