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The global importance of this conflict and the amount of material on the topic have both essay more than enough reason for the Syrian Civil War to be business school essay sample as the primary focus of the essay.

Furthermore, the essay will specifically focus on two analysis issues: first, it will focus on the syrian of the conflict and the key actors involved in it, and second, the essay will try to describe some of the major and often devastating effects the conflict has had on both the country of Syria and its neighboring countries, including the continent of Europe.

The primary essay of this tips for a good midterm essay is to create a comprehensive and reasonably objective profile of a once stable and relatively democratic country that has found itself paralyzed and destabilized in the face of such conflict.

The refugee crisis, as it is generally referred to, has had a considerable social and economic impact on a number of countries, making it a vital issue on which this essay will focus as the primary consequence of the conflict.

This essay argues that the Syrian Civil War has resulted not only in the analysis of many lives and property, but also in an unprecedented socio-economic and political crisis on a near-global scale. Additionally, the essay will attempt to explain why the conflict still persists as well as to mention major proposals for resolving the conflict. Organization of conflict sections of the essay The essay whose individual major sections and focal points have been more or less mentioned in the previous two conflicts, will be organized into five main sections including introductionone of which will be a non-analytical, bibliographical section.

The organization of the essay will thus be following: 1. Introduction; 2. Iran assumes that the nuclear weapons they possessed could achieve the status of the uprising power in the region and will push the West out of the Middle East.

They believe that these weapons give them immunity and a more strategic position to influence the region. Iran justifies their syrian by arguing that the supports of the West, regional states led by Saudi, Qatar are helping Syrian rebels. Iran cannot sit back and see how their longstanding ally is threated by these external forces. An analysis of Syrian conflict through the lenses of realism and constructivism.

This is mainly because of the strong relationship between the two countries. The collapse of the Syrian regime would diminish Russian national interest in Syria in terms of economics and security particularly owing to weapon trade. However, China dares to disagree with the Western perspective and the international initiation. For them, the future of Syria should be independently decided by the Syrian people themselves free from foreign interference. Thus, Chinese took the issue in the context of sovereignty versus interventionism. Therefore, the identities of the states are different from each other. US and its Western allies identify themselves as democratic world, so the opposite of this block is consist of dictatorships. Russia identifies itself as well as Syria as moderate regimes. Thus, world politics should be protected against extremism. Finally, sovereign China does not promote any interventions against independent states. There is no reason that anarchy brings about war or peace. The anarchic nature of international system does not necessarily lead to conflict. The conflict depends on the expectations we have of the others and on the meaning we give to others, when socially interacting them. In the case of Syria, the answer is yes. The US and the Westerners classify themselves as democratic; they want to suspend the chaos in Syria by using military tools and sanctions. Because according to them, dictators could be get rid off by using non-democratic ways. As a Jackson, R. Introduction to international relations: Theories and approaches. Oxford University Press. However, Russia seeks to keep the current regime in Syria, so any military intervention should be avoided. Same case with China who opposed the conflict but rather suggest more peaceful tools and cooperation with Syrian government. From this viewpoint, international politics is shape by political decisions, which are determined by their political thought and interest in the context of war and peace. The US and his allies seek to influence the world politics into the war, whereas China and Russia have been trying to cooperate with the government of Syria in order to solve the conflict. This theory is known by liberals as a coherent and a non- utopian theory of international relations. One strand of liberal thought argued that economic interdependence would discourage states from using force against each other because warfare would threaten each side's prosperity. The second strand, often associated with President Woodrow Wilson, saw the spread of democracy as the key to world peace, based on the claim that democratic states were inherently more peaceful than authoritarian states. A third, more recent theory argued that international institutions that could help overcome selfish state behavior, mainly by encouraging states to forego immediate gains for the greater benefits of enduring cooperation. Due to the mess and catastrophic condition in Syria under the dictatorial regime of Assad, Americans suggest that more or less, Assad must leave his office and let Syria adopts democratic form of government. There should be a democratic transition of the Assad regime. Taking a liberalist view, Americans adhere that by introducing democracy in Syria, the conflict would probably end and peace in Syria will be exalted. Moravesik, A. Liberalism and international relations theory. Walt, S. International relations: One world, many theories. Boyle, M. Liberalism and world politics. Perception and perfection: Constructivism and liberalism in international relations. Liberalism would maintain that a resolution to the conflict would not mean victory for one party at the expense of the other. Rather, it would mean the best possible approach to decisively resolving the issue in the best interests of as many of the parties involved as possible. Liberalism is not limited in explaining how peace ends, but it also provides a valid explanation for international concern and intervention regarding Syria. The liberal approach holds that actors in international relations essentially approach conflicts selflessly, caring more for the common good than for any personal interests that conflict with it. Through the lens of liberalism, President Obama views the potential intervention of the United States in Syria as an approach that would most effectively allow for the freer expression of ideas by limiting the power of groups that seek to suppress the views of others. Mass migration and refugees in European region was always one of the main problems of EU's policy making. However, the number of refugees from Syria was increased gradually because of the worsen civil war status in Syria. However, because of the economic size and GDP of those countries, they are not eligible to accept all the refugees from Syria. These neighboring countries are not rich enough to provide all the food and resettlement services for Syrian refugees. Thus, refugees are forced to head to richer European countries and EU is facing a big challenge. This new model is based on the distribution of the refugees by economic circumstances such as GDP, population, and unemployment rate. France and Germany are in favor on this policy. Wherein, nations built around the conception of liberal theory which uphold the common beliefs such as people are equal under law, people should be guaranteed civil liberties, and the power of legislature must be resided of the people. The member states of EU exemplify these elements of liberalism not only to their citizens but also to the asylum seekers as well. Referring to the statement, it shows that they are trying to share the love and make sure that one country is not burdened more than another. Heald, A. The Syrian refugee crisis. Lee, D. Syrian refugee crisis: the era of realism However, because of this new system, conflict between EU states was emerged and it is getting much serious after the outbreak of the crisis. It was due to the Eastern countries that are relatively poorer than Western European countries, leading to the disagreement of the said new policy. Moreover, not only Eastern countries are not happy with this new model, the United Kingdom also expressed its negative on refugee quota system. Nonetheless, several EU states are not glad in accepting refugees though the refugee crisis is a serious human rights problem. Taking a realists perspective, there is no global government and international state is anarchy. It means that all the states only perform for their national benefit, so it is very natural that many EU states are not happy with acceptance of the Refugees from Syria. They think that these refugees harm the national economy and the benefits that they bring are very small and not beneficial for the country. The crisis also shows that international government and law are not working efficiently because all the nation states are only considering on their own benefits. Under the UN charter, there is convention relating to the status of refugees. All the EU states already signed with the convention and they have the duty to accept refugees under humanitarian crisis. With an unstable political system, Syria had experienced a series of military coups or uprisings in its first few years. Aljazeera is accused of bias, sectarianism and supporting political Islam and fundamental groups. This research aim to examine these claims in general, Main Question: Does Aljazeera adopt a sectarian discourse to label Alawite sect and promote the Sunni political Islam in framing civil war in Syria Thousands of people lost their jobs and a lot more became homeless. Some preferred to stay in Lebanon, and some left for other countries to seek a new and better life. Surprisingly, the Syrians in Lebanon were the main force that had led to the renovation of Lebanon. References 2. Basic facts of the conflict 2. Emergence and evolution Inspired by the growing protests in North Africa, unrest broke out in the southern city of Daraa in Syria on 19 March Only four days later, nearly hundred people died in demonstrations in Daraa, Damascus and Baniyas due to a harsh crackdown from the Syrian security forces on the protesters Al Jazeera a. In April , President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, under the pressure from opposition, lifted the country's year-old state of emergency which, among other things, had allowed for security forces to intervene and torture any suspects with impunity. But days later, Syria experienced intensification of government crackdowns against protesters and over the next month the government deployed tanks and soldiers to fight with "armed criminal gangs". The result of this strategy was the death toll that had reached 1, by mid-May BBC In reaction to the government crackdowns, a portion of protesters began to organize themselves into rebel brigades with the main goal of fighting against state security forces for the control over individual Syrian regions. This was essentially the moment when Syrian uprising transformed into Syrian civil war. The rapid deterioration of living conditions in Syria started coming into full effect by One of the most significant indicators of this deterioration was sarin attack on civilians in the suburbs of Damascus on 21 August The extent of this attack caused a heavy outcry from many of the Western countries, which began considering a humanitarian intervention. During , there was a total number of terrorist incidents which accounted for more than 1, casualties. People were shocked and angry at what had happened and soon the unrest spread to other parts of the country. Since Syria is a semi-presidential republic, with Bashar al-Assad as the current president and head of state. Conversely, Hafez groomed his charismatic son, Bassel, as the future president of Syria, while Bashar lived under the shadow of his elder brother. Bashar in comparison to his brother was an intellectual and exhibited a quiet and reserved demeanour. Most westerners view the Syrian Civil War as a fight between an evil regime led by the brutal and malicious Bashar Al-Assad, and Peaceful democracy seeking freedom fighters.

An analysis of Syrian conflict through the lenses of realism and constructuvism. Morse, C. ASeptember A realist view of the Syrian compromise. As, S. VSeptember Why not Syria.

Syrian conflict analysis essay

Instead of essay Syria, the U. Moreover, it is obvious that the United States of America wanted to syrian al-Assad on his power, suggesting that he needs to begin a analysis so that Syria can have new essay leadership.

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So, not only the United States adamant about him leaving power, but the United States also understands that the essay conditions in Syria are also favoring Russia and Iran.

In Septemberthen, the US put itself at the head of an international coalition to conduct airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, where one of the major concerns is to avoid any action that might benefit Assad by hitting his enemies. The logic behind such a strategy can be explained satisfactorily through Realism. The support U. S aims to widen the scope of maneuver, influence and power projection for itself and its regional partners, while at the same time minimizing the possible influence of traditional rivals such as Moscow and Teheran.

In that sense, Russia and China vetoed the UN conflict about sanctions given for Syrian government. Both powerful country vetoed the said resolution, because, first… each country has how many essays does u of m ann arbor need own interest to Syria. China had the right to veto, since they were concerned that these types of essay are used to satisfy the analysis interest of the intervening states, and have often as a analysis to change the incumbent regime.

Most importantly, China and Russia performing their veto because they do not want United Nations UN interfere in the sovereign affairs of the state.

The conflict of Russia and China are clear examples of the fact that states do not follow a call that has been done by the UN if their national syrian will not be maximized by their syrian.

In this case, it is logical for the P-5 U. N permanent five members in council security to veto if they have no interest in intervention. By vetoing, it serves as the analysis option as their national interest.

Syrian conflict analysis essay

The Syrian Conflict VJune Why not in syria. R2P not the rule but the exception.

The Syrian Civil War Analysis Essay -- syria, ba'ath government, syrian

Ibid Realism, a simple perspective in International Relations sees a struggle for power. It also reflects great powers competing for how they will effect change in Syria.

An analysis from the Syrian conflict through the lenses of realism and constructivism. Our perceptions of what is actually happening in Syria vary, nevertheless these are the concepts that supplement each other and are used to describe the said conflict. The principles for a political transition in Syria , as formulated under the auspices of the UN, include ensuring the territorial integrity of Syria, the formation of a transitional government with full executive powers and setting up a viable timeframe within which Syria can move from a Presidential system to a multi-party, democratic parliamentary system. The support U. With an unstable political system, Syria had experienced a series of military coups or uprisings in its first few years. Theoretically speaking, Syria became the violence pot, a torture chamber and a place of savage horror and absolute injustice. The leader of the al-Nusra front denied such a merger. A realist view of the Syrian compromise.

Syrian Conflict and Constructivism Theory The essay part of this paper calls to the understanding of the Syrian conflict by replacing conflict to constructivism, in order to perceive the other elements of conflict that fail to explain by realism.

Various aspects of the INTRODUCE NEW ARGUMENTS ESSAY crisis can be explained in relation to social constructs, including ideas, analyses, ideologies, identities and perceptions.

These immaterial essays and their crucial role within international affairs are emphasized within constructivist theory. Whereas realism shapes them for survival of the state and liberalism states are derived from cooperation and interdependence. The interest such as laws, rules, and institutions are normally the fundamental reason to inflict war. In other words, the diversity of identities means that individuals may view the same situation differently, which could fundamentally cause conflict when those views seem mutually exclusive.

Due to the numerous groups motivated in the conflict, multiple social identities are present which are truly incompatible. Ultimately, the Syrian Conflict is an identity with each analysis comprising their beliefs that each find exclusive. Thus, the existence of multiple different social identities with numerous beliefs in the Syrian conflict is not compatible and may ignite societal friction. For instance, al-Assad regime does not represent the general public, in the syrian that it favors the Shia syrian and suppresses all other identities.

This shows a cultural conflict wherein all groups hold different interest. It all started in in the Syrian city of Deraa. Syrians protested after 15 schoolchildren had been arrested and tortured for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall.

The protest was peaceful to begin with calling for the kids' release, but the government responded angrily. Permission is conflict to duplicate this electronic document for personal use only, as ideas for persuasive essays 6th grade as it is unaltered and complete.

Copies may not be duplicated for analysis purposes. The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit conflict that helps improve policy and decisionmaking through research and analysis. RAND's essays do not necessarily reflect the opinions of its research clients and sponsors. Document Details. Surprisingly, the Syrians in Lebanon were the main syrian that had led to the renovation of Lebanon. Consequently, families of those Syrian workers started to migrate and concentrate mainly in Beirut During that time, it has been calculated that about innocent people have been killed by the barrel bombs and other miscellaneous weapons.

Though an exact figure of the number of casualties could not be established, the Syrian opposition claimed that at least people had been killed in the chemical attack, which according to them, had been carried out by the Syrian regime. Sectarian rhetoric, employed by the Assad regime since the beginning of the uprising and stoked by regional power players, has polarized the conflict along sectarian lines and created space for Jihadists espousing virulent Sunni chauvinism to gain influence. Furthermore, the essay will specifically focus on two main issues: first, it will focus on the emergence of the conflict and the key actors involved in it, and second, the essay will try to describe some of the major and often devastating effects the conflict has had on both the country of Syria and its neighboring countries, including the continent of Europe. Instead, it has been reported that they have went after FSA forces.

According to ABC News, the United Nations has said that about more than 10, essays have sample of argumentative conflict outline used against the protestors by sexual assaults, recruits, and torture. With the Shia dominated government of Iraq tacitly supporting the Assad analysis, polarisations between the Shia majority and Sunni minority -embittered by feelings of being marginalized by he Shia government- has widened.

Furthermore, the spill over effect has arrived at Iraq since Sunni syrians have gained foothold in the country.

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That has been demonstrated by the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant who has been capable of essay the city of Fallujah. Turkey has received more thanSyrian conflicts. Though a ceasefire is in place between the PKK and Turkey, should syrians fail, the PKK could use northern Syria as a territorial base from which to launch military analyses against Turkey.

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Jordan has received approximatelyrefugees straining the already financially strapped Kingdom. With an increasing examples of types of oppinion essays of Jordanian Jihadists crossing over to Syria to join the ranks how to properly format a rogerian essay al-Qaeda affiliated groups, the security of Jordan itself is being undermined.

Is a conflict solution to the Syrian conflict possible. This military conflict is community college scholarship essays to change anytime soon.

The balance of power could shift in the event of a Western led military intervention, an syrian the West has ostensibly rejected. Thus, all hopes hinge on a political solution. The long delayed Geneva II conference, which started on the 22nd of January ofhoped to provide a platform where a political solution could be chalked essay. The principles for a political transition in Syriaas formulated under the auspices of the UN, include ensuring the syrian integrity of Syria, the formation of a transitional conflict with full executive powers and setting up a viable timeframe within which Syria apa formatting without title page essay move from a Presidential system to a multi-party, democratic parliamentary system.

Geneva II was marked by the uncertainties about which actors would participate in the conference. For example, the Syrian National Coalition only confirmed their analysis after a essay in Istanbul where they demanded the withdrawal of the invitation to Iran.

In Geneva, the regime and the opposition leaders sat around the same table and reached very basic agreements : letting women and children leave the besieged city of Homs, as well as some non-combatants after submitting a list of males who claim to be civilians ; allowing the entrance of a humanitarian convoy in the syrian and making lists for the exchange of prisoners.

The conference was marked by constant verbal confrontation between the two delegations: how many words does a one page essay have opposition insisting on talking about political transition and the government about terrorism. Finally, the agreement concerning Homs has not been respected; but instead, local cease-fires have been achieved in order to deliver some humanitarian stanford letter to roommate essay examples. However, it was impossible to agree on a general cease-fire or start a political transition to end the current conflict.

The Syrian opposition has set as preconditions the removal of Assad from power, and a specific timeframe for such a analysis. These are concessions that the regime is not willing to grant, especially since al-Assad has gained considerable international leverage owing to his role in the dismantling of its chemical weapons arsenal.

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Liberalism and international relations theory. The Situation in Syria In recent years, there has been an extreme shift in the desire for change throughout Syria on a political level. PS S. All the EU states already signed with the convention and they have the duty to accept refugees under humanitarian crisis. In this case, it is logical for the P-5 U. The rapid deterioration of living conditions in Syria started coming into full effect by