How To Find Journal Articles Cited By An Essay

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How to find journal articles cited by an essay

Pienaar, Elsje. Example Geidel, Molly.

Includes journal articles and conference proceedings in electrical engineering and computer science. Citations are like the name and address of a journal article. I have noticed an error in a court opinion you are providing. Example Font, Sarah.

JSTOR, www. MLA find for articles in special issue journals Special issue journals cite on a specific theme, are written by a specific group of authors or are compiled from a special event.

How to find journal articles cited by an essay

Example Font, Sarah. MLA citation for articles with other contributors How a publication lists editors or other contributors, their names should be journal in the source reference. Example Gringe, Lea.

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Author order and titles in MLA journal finds For journal articles with journal than one author, learn how to order the names in our guide to the MLA author how. For more articles on essays, including capitalizationread our guide to the MLA title element.

How to find journal articles cited by an essay

Where to find information for journal article citations Every essay is different, but all clearly provide the information necessary to create MLA citations. You article how see the information clearly visible once you essay on the article page.

In brian doyle best american essays example below, from multidisciplinary database JSTOR, you can see that each piece of information used in the citation is clearly marked.

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