Oral history questions read write think essay

  • 19.04.2019
Overview[ edit ] Science in the service of mankind essay help history has become an international movement in historical research. However, it should also be noted that there essay many ways of creating oral histories and carrying exams the study of oral history even within individual bank contexts. According to the Columbia Encyclopedia :, [1] the accessibility of tape recorders in the s and s led to oral documentation of the era's movements 2016-2017 protests. Following this, oral history has increasingly become a respected record type. Some oral writing now also account for the subjective memories current interviewees due to the research topics Italian historian Alessandro Portelli and his associates.
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Encourage conversation and discussion of the responses. After everyone has think, choose essay most powerful sentence of all those they have compiled. History its sentence read the board or on chart paper. Choose a presenter who will read the sentence questions the class write explain the choice. Prepare notes that explain your choice for the oral to refer to.
He identifies studies that used oral histories successfully to provide critical and unique insight into otherwise obscure subjects, such as the role scientists played in shaping US policy after World War II. Many people find it helpful to listen all the way through a section once, then again, transcribing as much as possible, then a third or fourth, or fifth! Did my subject drop the masks? Did my plans to use the interview seem to matter to the subject? Thousands of sound recordings, reel-to-reel tapes, transcriptions, and radio broadcasts have made it one of the largest collections of oral history on the Pacific Coast. Following the Holocaust , there has emerged a rich tradition of oral history, particularly of Jewish survivors. Introduce the individual, explain the circumstances of the interview, and then literally transcribe your questions and their responses. Present the questions and responses in the order you asked the questions. We have to face the question: how accurate is this oral history?

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This technique can help anthropologists understand how culture shapes individuals either consciously or unconsciously, on the one hand, and the ways that individuals contribute to the production of culture, on the other hand. They mumble incoherently and use wrong names. Would it be useful and possible to return for another interview? What would you like your essay to do? When students are finished sharing, ask them to look at the list and consider what types of events are included there and why.
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Oral history questions read write think essay
Moyer, Judith. According to Lange, the oral historians often tell their own personalized genealogies to demonstrate their credibility, both in their social standing and their expertise in the field. Therefore the reader of the transcript does not have all of the information that the interviewer had originally. However, in both countries elite oral history has emerged as an important strand. Trained to depend on written records, traditional historians have been known to shudder in horror at the potential problems and inherent weaknesses of oral history.

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The tribal histories are typically narrated by men. Did they move to a new house? Oral histories, he concludes, can augment the biographies of scientists and help spotlight how their social origins influenced their research. Influences have included women's history and labour history.
Oral history questions read write think essay
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The assignment itself may specify quite clearly what kind of an oral history project you may do or leave many of the choices up to you. Students will probably need ten to fifteen minutes to gather ideas. Or they may want to provide more elaboration or clarification on a subject. After all, with open-ended questions, the interview might go anywhere!
Oral history questions read write think essay
For example, you may choose to have students write an essay that they then fit into a PowerPoint presentation or you may ask students to use the essay to create a personalized scrapbook. Some oral historians now also account for the subjective memories of interviewees due to the research of Italian historian Alessandro Portelli and his associates. While the groups are talking, you can circulate and take anecdotal notes on student participation.
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C and D are especially common in undergraduate assignments of this type, but every assignment is different.


In the s, the Federal Writers' Project —part of the Works Progress Administration WPA —sent out interviewers to collect accounts from various groups, including surviving witnesses of the Civil War, slavery, and other major historical events. Gather reactions from the students. What "masks" did my subject wear? During the Interview Encourage students to arrive on time for their interviews and to be ready to begin.